Based out of the University of San Diego, The Alcalá Review was founded in 2015 as an online journal to publish winners of the annual Cropper Creative Writing Contest. Since then, we have expanded into a semi-annual, full-print issue. Conceived as equal parts platform and workshop, The Alcalá Review is staffed entirely by students. While the artistic vision of each editorial board may differ, we are always committed to the personal growth of our readers and contributors, as well as to the publication of original perspectives from a diversity of voices.

If you have any questions, or are a current USD student interested in joining, please contact us at alcalareview@gmail.com.

Current Staff

Editor-in-Chief – Thomas Dolan

Nonfiction Editor – Gurleen Kang

Associate Nonfiction Editor – Maggie Lehmann

Poetry Editor – McKenna Christian

Active Staff – Mara Dragin, Anna Palagano, Jeremy Rueth, Annie Seaberg

Chief Copyeditor – Ale Esquer

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Malachi Black